If you haven’t seen the movie Unplanned, I highly recommend it. Unlike many Christian films, it feels natural and is well-acted. It tells a hard hitting, true story about the cruelty of abortion and the life journey of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate. 

As a 38-year-old man with a family, I rarely think about this issue day to day, but I wanted to see this movie, as it had been attacked hard by the mainstream media and Planned Parenthood, which usually ignores Christian films entirely. Within 15 minutes of viewing, the adrenaline of righteous anger was coursing through me. Even though I had seen the brutality of abortion before in documentaries or images online, these scenes were gut wrenching. It’s all done so far from public view, that we forget what it is: the tearing apart of tiny bodies of people we will never meet (mostly in poor, inner city and black communities btw).

Aborted LifeThis was all back in June of last year, so Facebook was flooded with our liberal friends shouting at everyone about the necessity of nationwide lockdowns, and masks, for our “safety”, but especially the safety of those “most vulnerable”. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo were the propped-up media darlings at that time (what a crock!). Traditional 1st amendment type-liberals who I have known my entire life were unmasking themselves as hard left, as they approved the censoring of any questioning of the mainstream CCP Virus narrative…our first amendment rights be damned. 

As I watched the movie, the mental juxtaposition of my Democrat friends’ moral and political sense was mind-numbing. On the one hand, they wanted to continue the economic catastrophe of the nationwide lockdown, replete with mask mandates, in order to protect our ‘most vulnerable’ against a virus with an extremely high recovery rate and basically ZERO effect on children, while on the other hand, supporting a party and presidential nominee (Biden) that are completely 100% behind the expansion of people’s choice to exterminate the lives of babies, the very definition of the most vulnerable among us. What’s worse, the Dems are currently signing every bill they can get their hands on to approve late term abortions without limits up to 9 months, most of the time to cheers in the legislative halls of Blue states. CHEERS?!

Right then, I felt like calling every liberal person I knew to set them straight about this diabolical hypocrisy. My wife stopped me from making the calls. 

It all begged the question; how did the liberals go so far left? Many of these common neighborhood libs are truly kindhearted pushovers who wouldn’t hurt a fly. So how did our democrat neighbors begin to deny objective realities right in front of their faces, in order to support ideas they would have found disgusting only a few years ago? 

Two reasons: 

  1. The left has near complete control of the institutions that matter most in shaping minds: the news media, the tech companies, the social media giants, higher education, and Hollywood. Corporations and some weak PC churches are following suit, quickly. This is not in dispute. 
  2. As a result, they have largely succeeded in controlling what is seen or hidden, while making how one feels to be the singularly most important aspect of their life. They leverage that emotional power to trump critical thinking and common sense, not to mention making “Godly wisdom” seem like a quaint idea that was lost somewhere in Grandma’s basement back in the Reagan administration. The result? They have succeeded in getting people to believe that a human with a beating heart, in the mother’s womb, is not human at all.


This “achievement” of the Left is fracturing the very foundations upon which reason rests, namely, our ability to think, understand, and form judgements through a process of logic and reason. 

Traditional American conservatives and libertarians have always tried to work from this ordered process:

Facts, Faith, Feelings:

  1. What are the facts about an issue?
  2. I will honor the facts as best as I can gather them and then act on them, having faith that good feelings may eventually come as a byproduct of this process. 


Unfortunately, the Left has succeeded in winning half of our country over to this ordered process:

Feelings, Faith, Facts:

  1. How do I feel about an issue?
  2. I will honor my feelings as best I understand them and act on them, having faith that the facts will eventually support me as a byproduct of this process. 


Over the last 30 or so years, this is how they have worked the playbook on the Abortion issue:

Aborted Twins

Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars by Monica Migliorino Miller.

Back in the 90’s Bill Clinton coined the phrase “safe, legal, and rare” signaling his desire to protect the supposed constitutional right to abortion while acknowledging the views of people with moral objections about the practice, and perhaps giving a nod to the sacredness of human life. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, democratic candidates use that phrase at their peril, as they have progressed in reframing the argument from a baby’s right to life, to a woman’s right to choose, and now as a key component of women’s health. Also, consider the progressive language shift they have implemented: unborn baby, to human embryo, to fetus, and finally, to a clump of cells. In 2012, the Democratic Party finally eliminated the word “rare” from its official platform, replacing it with “safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay”. The party now has the full backing of the Shout Your Abortion movement, is fully in league with Planned Parenthood, and is steadily marching towards normalizing late term and partial birth abortion. The point here is, a conservative could have a conversation with 90’s era Bill Clinton, because we were discussing views within the same general paradigm of abortion being something we generally don’t want, due to an agreed upon sacredness of human life, the demoralizing nature of the act for all involved, and the knowledge that unborn babies feel pain. However, I cannot have a reasonable discussion with Kamala Harris, who voted against providing care for a child who is born alive after an attempted abortion, along with 41 other democrat senators (only 4 democrats voted for the bill – see link!). The game has changed, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to find any common ground with the left, regardless of what the “unity at all costs” folks have to say about it. The following links are worth review from a political, spiritual, and cultural perspective. Sadly, the attitude of actress Busy Phillips in the last link isn’t all that unusual these days.


Who will be like God?  We will! Says the left.  


Here’s a contrasting perspective, from Donald Trump. Notice the look on Schumer and Pelosi’s faces, as he had the courage to say and do what many Christians won’t. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that one of Joe Biden’s first executive orders was to permit U.S. aid money to fund groups that provide or promote abortion around the globe? That means your tax dollars are not only funding domestic abortions, but foreign ones as well. Awfully strange move for a good Catholic…hmmm.

Know this, the left is after nothing less than total control, and this begins and ends with YOUR MIND. A totalitarian state is one that aspires to nothing less than defining and controlling reality, so the Truth is whatever the rulers decide it is. As Hannah Arendt has written,wherever totalitarianism has ruled, It has begun to destroy the essence of man. As part of its quest to define reality, a totalitarian state seeks not just to control your actions but also your thoughts and emotions. The ideal subject of a totalitarian state is someone who has learned to love Big Brother.” Kind-of sounds like the democrat lockdown enthusiasts on Facebook, you know, the ones who wear their masks alone in their cars. 

Please, if you still have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Tell the truth, without fear. Even in the face of your enemies. The time is now, people can still wake up.